It’s important to ask the right questions when you meet with a credit union representative about becoming an account holder. Consider first that whatever it is you need can be done at that establishment. Make a list of the services you’re interested in using at the credit union, keeping in mind which services you may be interested in down the road. It’s nice for a credit union to have typical savings and checking accounts, but do they also have investment options? Or do they offer car or home loan options?

How are Their Online Banking Options?

The internet is the most convenient advancement in today’s society. We use it for everything. So when you’re choosing a credit union, you’ll want to make sure it can offer you the types of online banking services you need. Skipping the lines at the credit union to do small tasks, like checking your balance, can be a real time saver. Make sure your new credit union can offer you this option by having an online account or an app or both.

What Perks Do They Offer?

Credit unions are often known for offering account holder-savings-only incentives and perks, so you’ll want to make sure you’re working with someone who will reward you for doing so. Credit unions may also offer you credit card options with special rewards. Look into these rewards and be sure to ask your credit union about promotions and offers that can benefit you in your financial journey.

Asking these few questions will put you in an advantageous position to choose the absolute best credit union for you and your money.