My $ Manager is like having a personal financial advisor via your computer. With My $ Manager, you can monitor your spending, plan for the future, set savings goals, and track your current assets versus your debts. And best of all, it’s Free!

By logging into your Virtual Branch Online Banking account, you can use this tool for budgeting, tracking your spending by category, determining net worth, viewing cash flow, and setting goals.

There are two types of goals to choose from: Save for Goals and Pay Off Goals.

  • Save for Goals could include saving for a house, car or college fund.
  • Pay Off Goals could include paying off your credit card debt, or working toward short- and long-term financial goals. Regardless of which type of goal you choose, you are in complete control.


You can also aggregate your finances by integrating your accounts at other financial institutions into one program to see your full financial picture at a glance.