Money Orders

Money Orders are available at all of our branches. The fee is $1.00 per Money Order. Money Orders are fee-free to Omaha FCU Prime Time members.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Omaha FCU makes redeeming your U.S. Savings Bonds easy. Simply bring them to any Omaha FCU location, and we will redeem them and have them deposited directly to your account.

CU Money

The VISA® CU Money Card is a travel card that you can load with U.S. Dollars. The card allows you immediate and secure access to your travel money. VISA® CU Money is available from any Omaha FCU office location.

  • Accepted worldwide by millions of merchants that accept VISA® cards. Offers instant access to local currency worldwide.
  • This is a prepaid card, so you have no danger of overspending.
  • CU Money is PIN-protected and has the added security of a signature panel. Offers VISA® purchase security.
  • VISA® Emergency Assistance Service available 24 hours a day.
  • VISA® zero liability policy can protect you from unauthorized transactions.

Gift Cards

Looking for that perfect gift for your niece’s wedding or your grandson’s high school graduation? Why not give a VISA® Gift Card? It’s safe, convenient and can be used to make purchases at over 23 million VISA® merchants worldwide. VISA® Gift Cards are available at all four Omaha FCU locations.

Wire Services

Omaha FCU can wire funds to institutions that are capable of receiving the wired funds. An account holder must provide Omaha FCU with the receiving institution’s wiring instructions. The fee for outgoing wires is $20.00 plus any additional charges (International wires are $45.00.) For incoming wires from another financial institution, Omaha FCU charges a fee of $15.00. Call our office at 402.399.9001 for more information.

Domestic Wire Form

International Wire Form