To report a lost or stolen VISA® Debit Card during normal business hours, please call us at 402.399.9001 or 800.660.7350. After hours, please report your lost/stolen card by calling 800.472.3272. You can also use our two electronic forms to Report lost/stolen cards or Replace damaged VISA® Debit Cards.

An Omaha FCU VISA® Debit Card works like a check. You can think of it as a plastic check. It can be used at any merchant that accepts VISA® for payment of products or services or at the ATM.

VISA® Debit Card: Convenient & Easy to Use

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay*, Samsung Pay
  • Contactless: Secure tap-and-go payment method
  • EMV Chip Card
  • Card Manager – Get alerts on transactions, lock your card in an instant for any reason, manage spending by setting purchase limits, block international usage, and so much more
  • *Please note: big changes are coming to Google Pay on June 4, 2024. Learn more about what the changes entail.

It literally pays to use your Omaha FCU VISA® Debit Card. Omaha FCU offers a special program called uChoose Rewards to our VISA® Debit Card account holders. The program allows us to reward you for using the Omaha FCU Debit Card for purchases.

Every time you use your Debit Card and select “credit” or sign for your purchases, you will earn bonus points that can be exchanged for gift certificates and merchandise.

Remember, you must sign your purchase receipt instead of typing in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the purchase to be eligible to earn bonus points. In most instances, this is as simple as selecting “Credit” instead of “Debit” at the check-out terminal.

Want to know where the nearest VISA® or Plus ATM is located in a particular state or country? Check out the VISA®/PLUS ATM Locator.

To get started, visit and be sure to visit often to check your current point balance and featured retailers for extra earning opportunities.

Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement And Disclosure