Omaha FCU lends millions of dollars each year to thousands of members. Members finance through Omaha FCU everything from automobiles to new homes. We even make it easy for you to apply for a loan in-person, by mail, by phone or use our On-Line Loan Application . With our On-Line Loan application, you can apply and receive approval of your loan all from your personal computer.  With our CUDL AutoSmart link, you can conduct your own online auto buying research, shop our national inventory, request vehicle quotes and even sell your existing vehicle,

Through Omaha FCU’s AutoPREMIER Concierge Auto Buying program, we are able to provide you quick and efficient “no-haggle, no-hassle” service when purchasing your next vehicle. And your savings are locked in with great members-only prices on new vehicles and special purchase incentives on pre-owned.  Just visit any AutoPREMIER dealer, purchase the vehicle of your choice, and enjoy the convenience of being able to do all your Omaha FCU loan paperwork right there. No more faxing documents or coming to the credit union to sign loan papers. AutoPREMIER Concierge Auto Buying program offers you one-stop shopping, saving you time and money. Omaha FCU’s rates are based on the term of the loans, security and credit worth. Rates and terms quoted are our best – YOUR RATE MAY BE HIGHER. Our interest rates are frequently reviewed to ensure they are competitively priced. All rates and terms are subject to change without prior notice. Check out our current rates.

New Vehicle: Omaha FCU will finance up to 110 percent of the cost of a new car, truck or van. The maximum term for this loan is 84 months.

Used Vehicle: Omaha FCU will finance up to 100 percent of the NADA value (call for Blue Book details). Terms up to 72 months are available.

Pre-Approval of New and Used Vehicle Loans Available: A Member may fill out an application before she/he starts shopping for a vehicle. Once it’s approved, the Member may select a vehicle at his/her leisure. A pre-approved vehicle loan is valid for 60 business days. Pre-Approved financing may give the Member an advantage when bargaining for the price of the vehicle .

New and Used RV Loan: Omaha FCU will finance 100 percent of the purchase price (tax and license excluded) of a new Recreational Vehicle, 100 percent of the current NADA Recreational Vehicle Guide for a used Recreational Vehicle. Maximum term is 180 months.

New and Used Motorcycle Loans: Omaha FCU will finance up to 100 percent of the purchase price (tax and license excluded) of a new motorcycle, or 100 percent of the current NADA Used Motorcycle Guide for a used motorcycle. Maximum term is 72 months.

New and Used Boat Loans: Omaha FCU will finance 100 percent of the purchase price (tax and license excluded) of a new boat, or 100 percent of the Loan Value stated in the NADA Used Boat Guide. Maximum term is 96 months.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance: Credit Disability Insurance is an optional, low-cost insurance policy that makes your loan payments should you become disabled due to sickness or an accident. For additional security when obtaining your loan, you may want to consider purchasing Credit Life Insurance. Credit Life Insurance pays off a loan balance up to $50,000 should a member die during the term of the loan. Credit Life is available to borrowers under the age of 70 and may be purchased in conjunction with Credit Disability Insurance.

VISA® Credit Card:  Omaha FCU offers three types of VISA Credit Cards.  Apply now!

Our Preferred Platinum Card has credit limits up to $25,000, it not only offers a very competitive variable rate (2% above the Prime Rate), currently 6.25%, 25 day grace period and no annual fee, but it also awards bonus points every time you use your card.

Omaha FCU also offers a low-interest Classic VISA® credit card that can have limits up to $10,000 (based on credit-worthiness). Cardholders are given a 25-day grace period during which they can pay off their balances, interest free. The current rate is 12.8% APR. There is no annual fee. And there is no fee or higher rate for cash advances. Members can also take advantage of an Omaha FCU’s Share Secured VISA® credit card. The credit limit is secured with funds in the Share/Savings Account. The rate on this card is 11.80% APR. There is still a 25-day grace period and no annual fee.

Overdraft Protection Loan: With Overdraft Protection, members can protect themselves from bouncing a check and the associated expense of non-sufficient funds fees. This loan is associated with the Checking Account.

Savings and Share Certificate Secured Loans: Both of these loans are fully secured by pledging funds in either a Member’s Regular Savings Account or Share Certificate. Maximum term on Regular Savings Secured loans is 60 months. Maximum term on Share Certificate Secured Loans is 24 months.

Other Loans: Omaha FCU also offers other low cost secured and unsecured loans for any worthwhile need, including car repairs, computer purchases, vacations or other unexpected expenses.