The Christmas Club Account may be the perfect way for a member to save for his/her holiday expenses. And an Omaha FCU Vacation Club Account lets members save for that dream vacation. Through payroll deduction, members can save systematically and painlessly. The Christmas Club matures on October 31, and funds are then transferred on the first business day in November to your Savings Account. The Vacation Club Account matures on April 30 and the funds are transferred to your Savings Account on the first business day in May. You can open up a Christmas Club or Vacation Club Account by signing into Virtual Branch, clicking on the “Self Service” tab and then clicking on “Open Additional Accounts”.

  • No minimum balance is required to open and maintain the Christmas or Vacation Club Account.
  • No monthly service fee is charged.
  • Deposits by allotment are preferred and are an effortless, systematic way to save. However, over the counter deposits will be accepted.
  • A loss of all interest will be assessed for any early withdrawals prior to the maturity date of each year.

If funds are withdrawn from these accounts other than at the payout date, all dividends will be forfeited. The entire balance in the account must be withdrawn.

Christmas                                                   Vacation