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VISA® Rewards

Earn 1.5% Cash Back or 1.5 Points for Every $1 Spent

Our VISA® Rewards credit card currently has a variable rate as low as 11.25% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) with a minimum credit line of $1,000. There is no annual fee and no balance transfer fee.

You can apply for this new credit card in person at any of our branches, by calling 402-399-9001 (option 4), or through our On-line Loan Applications on our website (select Credit Card Application).

Get Rewarded for Every Purchase You Make

  • 1.5% Cash Back option
  • uChoose Rewards© = 1.5 points for every $1 spent
    • Points can be used to buy gift cards or merchandise
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • Contactless: Secure tap and go payment method
  • CardValet® – Get alerts on transactions, lock your card in an instant for any reason, manage spending by setting purchase limits, block international usage, and so much more
  • EMV Chip Card
  • Use your VISA® Rewards credit card at millions of locations
  • ATM access via the VISA® ATM network
  • Get added security when you shop online with your VISA® Rewards credit card. This option is available only if a merchant participates in this program.

Register for uChoose Rewards

  • It really pays to use your VISA® Rewards credit card, as it offers a special program to cardholders called uChoose Rewards. The uChoose Rewards program allows us to reward YOU for using your VISA® Rewards credit card for purchases. Giving you accelerated earning opportunities and unlimited ways to redeem your points is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a cardholder and member of Omaha Federal Credit Union. Every time you use your VISA® Rewards credit card, you will earn bonus points that, upon accrual, can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise. Before you can begin earning uChoose Rewards points with your new credit card, you must first register your VISA® Rewards credit cardonline. Unlike registering your Omaha Federal Credit Union Debit Card directly at, registering your VISA® Rewards credit cardfor uChoose Rewards must be done through Virtual Branch. First, sign in to your Virtual Branch account at Once logged in, click on LOANS, then click on the VISA® Rewards credit card that you want to register, then click on the uChoose Rewards icon there. Once you register your new VISA® Rewards credit card for uChoose Rewards, you will then have the opportunity to utilize this single sign-on to access the total point balance of all your uChoose accounts, including your uChoose Rewards that you earn by using your Omaha Federal Credit Union Debit Card.

Other credit card options are available here.

Credit Card Comparison Table

Credit Card Details

Apple Pay. Google Pay. Samsung Pay.

Apple Pay

You can use both your OFCU Visa® Debit and Visa® Credit Card with Apple Pay — the easy, secure, and private way to pay. Use Apple Pay with iPhone 6 to pay in stores without swiping your card and within apps without entering payment and contact information. With Apple Pay, instead of using your actual Debit or Credit Card numbers when you add your card, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored. And when you make a purchase, the Device Account Number alongside a transaction-specific dynamic security code is used to process your payment. So your actual Debit and Credit Card numbers are never shared by Apple with merchants or transmitted with payment. In addition, paying with Apple Pay is private as the cashier never sees your name, card numbers or security code.

Google Pay

Now the things you love about your favorite Visa® Debit or Credit Card are right on your Android phone. Getting started with Google Pay is simple:

  1. Download the Google Pay app from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Follow the instructions to add your OFCU Visa® Debit or Credit Card
  3. Verify your card if needed. Then you’re all set!

Samsung Pay

Now the things you love about your favorite Visa® Debit or Credit Card are right on your Samsung phone. Getting started with Samsung Pay is simple:

  1. Access your Card from the Samsung Pay app
  2. Add your OFCU Visa® Debit or Credit Card

Pay confidently at millions of places around the world with Visa and Samsung Pay.

OFCU Offers Post-Pandemic Financial Advice

The COVID pandemic is and continues to be a defining period of our lives. Among its many effects, it caused all of us to take a hard look at how we live our lives, including the way we spend our money.

Quarantine kept many of us at home, preventing us from spending as much as we usually did for things like entertainment and travel. Many people lost their jobs or were furloughed, forcing them to reduce their expenses. One clear effect was that those with emergency funds fared better than those who did not have them.

We all took at least a few moments to evaluate and reassess the things we believed were important to us. For example, many people realized that the things they used to consider “needs” like expensive shoes, eating out every day, or having the latest cellphone, suddenly weren’t as important to them. Those things were simply “wants” or “nice to haves.” We learned we could get by with a less expensive way of life.

If you did manage to save some money, what did you do with the extra cash? Hopefully, you used it to create some financial security, like pay down debt, open a retirement fund, or boost your emergency fund.

There’s a chance that when the pandemic is history, some people may revert to their old spending habits, indulging in all their “wants” again. That would truly be a waste of the lessons we’ve learned. Instead, try to continue spending as mindfully as you have during the pandemic.

1. Make a commitment to save each month. Pay your emergency and retirement funds first. If you haven’t created accounts for either one, then start them now. To make saving easier, use automatic transfers to deposit funds into those accounts after your paycheck is deposited. Try to save 20% of your monthly income.

2. Pay off credit cards. Then make sure you only spend as much as you can comfortably afford — that doesn’t mean your credit limit. Ideally, you want to pay the total in full at the end of each month, so you don’t accrue interest charges.

3. Get clear on what your “needs” and your “wants” are. A lot of people have trouble with this, but it isn’t difficult to figure out. “Needs” are things you need to survive — groceries, housing, utilities, health insurance, transportation. These expenses should amount to 50% of your expenses. Everything else is a “want” — dining out, entertainment, vacations, etc. That should take no more than 30% of your expenses.

Omaha Federal Credit Union is right here with you, ready to help you get your post-pandemic finances in order. If you would like to open a savings or investment account, or need help budgeting, check out our website at or contact us at 402.399.9001.

PLEASE NOTE: Mailing Changes for VISA®

Please Note New Payment Address for VISA®: Omaha Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68103-2711

Please Note Changes to U.S. First-Class Mail Delivery Times: Effective October 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has revised its service standards for certain First-Class Mail items, resulting in a delivery window of up to five days. This may delay your receipt of mail from us and our receipt of mail from you (including mailed payments). Please take this change into account when mailing items to us via USPS. For more information, visit the USPS website.

What you can do: If you haven’t already, consider signing up for online access, which includes paperless options for online statement delivery and Bill Pay, or utilize online and paperless options available through the Omaha Federal Credit Union mobile app.