More Power. More Options. More Peace of Mind.

Experience Enhanced Card Manager within our Omaha FCU Mobile Banking App.

Turn Debit and Credit Cards On and Off. Establish Alerts. Clearer Merchant Details. Robust Fraud Detection.

With the Card Manager feature within Omaha FCU’s Mobile Banking App, you can save time and gain peace of mind knowing you can control the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.

If you can’t find your VISA® Debit or VISA® Credit card, you can instantly lock the card to prevent fraudulent charges from being made. Don’t worry – you can also instantly unlock the card when it turns up in the dryer or refrigerator. (No judgment.) With Card Manager, you can also set spending limits, get purchase alerts in real-time, and limit transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS, all while having the ability to personalize your own security settings to suit your busy lifestyle.

With convenience like that, we may see less of you here in the branch, but we’ll still be here if you need us. Stop by once in a while, even if it’s just to say “hi.”

  • This enhanced solution is available under CARDS within the Omaha FCU Mobile Banking App – all functions are performed within a SINGLE app
  • For use with iOS and Android devices
  • Easy to access and use
  • Card Manager replaces CardValet®
  • Get real-time notifications when your card is used
  • Restrict transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS
  • Set security preferences to match your spending habits for every Omaha FCU VISA® Credit and VISA® Debit Card
  • Set spending limits for every transaction
  • Enable or disable your cards to be used within certain merchant categories such as gas and groceries, hotel and travel
  • Lock and unlock cards with a few taps on your smartphone
  • Provides cardholders all the features of CardValet® and so much more
  • Adding a Travel Plan allows the addition of countries and U.S. states that cardholders may visit to ensure use of the card without interruption while traveling
  • Displays digital card information (full card number and details) needed to perform transactions without using a physical card
  • Supports Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™ (but not Samsung Pay™ at this time)
  • Provides greater control and enhanced visibility into transactions
  • For use with Omaha FCU debit and credit cards only
  • Manages cards on-the-go
  • Enables controls to restrict card usage based on location, spend limit, merchant type and transaction type
  • Showcases clearer merchant details
  • Outlines spend insight analytics
  • Offers opportunities to track suspicious activity with real-time alerts – robust fraud detection
  • Provides self-service options to significantly lower fraud and service costs


More Things to Know about Card Manager:

  • No longer a need for CardValet®, a stand-alone app outside of Omaha FCU’s Mobile Banking App
  • Migration of cardholders’ CardValet® information integrated into Card Manager within the Omaha FCU Mobile Banking App
  • User credentials, cards and controls carry over from CardValet® to Card Manager
  • Cardholders who use Omaha FCU’s Mobile Banking App no longer need to access CardValet®
  • Cardholders not currently using the Omaha FCU Mobile Banking App are encouraged to download it from the App Store, as it provides access to all of the great features of our Mobile Banking App PLUS Card Manager — all in ONE app!
  • For answers to questions, please call 402.399.9001 (option 3).

Keep tabs on your credit and debit cards with Card Manager.

Protect Yourself

Get mobile alerts whenever your card is used

Track Card Use

Review card usage history and transaction details

Set Limits

Set customized purchase controls to help manage spending