Please be aware! Criminals are hard at work in our member area trying to make people’s lives miserable. One tactic criminals are using is called “spoofing” which can lead to a victim sharing important account information unknowingly via an active phone scam. In this scam, the victim receives a phone call in which the caller identification is spoofed to show/display the name of a victim’s financial institution and its fraud department. The scammer, posing as their financial institution’s representative, then uses that identification to establish trust with the victim and can then easily obtain the victim’s login ID and related personal information. The victim is then directed to download remote access software and his/her personal information is used to complete multiple money gram type transactions, which are sent to South Africa. Remember: please be assured that Omaha Federal Credit Union will NEVER place these type of calls to you, so if you receive a call like this, you can be certain that it is a scam. If you are unsure or wish to get additional information about this scam or others, please don’t hesitate to call us at 402.399.9001 (option 3), or stop by any of our branches.

Other scams to be aware of are outlined below. In addition, you can find more helpful information about common scams here.