Branches Open

The Main Office on 82nd Ave. and the Blair branch are open to the public. The Downtown branch in the Zorinsky Federal Building is closed to the public, but is available to those working in the building. The VA Hospital branch is currently closed to the public.

Bring your Auto Loan to OFCU and Save!

Refinance your auto loan with Omaha Federal and we will lower your rate by up to 2% APR* and lower your monthly payment.  Your first payment will not be due for 60 days. Please call a loan officer today for details.  402-399-9001 option 4.     New loans only                   *Annual Percentage Rate.

Don’t Let It Happen To You

The fastest growing crime in America is identity theft, and the best protection is prevention. Here are some tips to safeguard your good name: 1. Protect your Social Security number. Do not carry your card in your wallet. 2. Do not give out your personal information unless you made the contact. Scam artists “phish” for victims by pretending to be credit unions, banks, stores, government agencies, etc. They do it by phone, email, and snail mail. 3. Shred papers with personal information. Always shred credit card offers that you don’t use. Also, shred those “convenience checks” you don’t use. 4. Open your credit card bills and bank statements right away. Check for unauthorized charges or withdrawals and report them immediately. 5. Protect your computer from viruses and malware. Use firewall, virus, and spyware protection software – make sure it is updated regularly. Always use “strong” passwords. 6. Always click with caution online. Only enter personal information on secure Web pages with “https” in the address bar and a padlock symbol at the top or bottom of your browser window.

Popmoney-Person to Person Payment

Omaha Federal Credit Union offers the Popmoney personal payment service to our member’s.  This allows you to conveniently send, receive and request money with an email address, mobile phone number or account number, eliminating the need for checks and cash.  This is a simple, convenient and secure way to send money. Sign up by clicking on the Bill Payment tab after signing into your account and click on Popmoney. 

Summer Fun for Less

Summer Fun For Less!

Longer days and warmer weather are here, filling our minds with happy thoughts of summertime. Whether your fun means a vacation, staycation, or daily sunny-day activities, there’s definitely some planning needed for a successful summer. Your credit union has a few simple tips to help you keep your cool while planning the ultimate stress-free summer, at a great price. TRAVEL BY AIR AND LAND * Book your flights ASAP * Arrive early at the airport * Plan ahead for the road with a daily itinerary and hotel/restaurant reservations * Get an early start to avoid traffic IDEAS FOR “STAYCATIONS” * Return to nature at parks, retreats, lakes, and beaches * Get some culture at local museums, aquariums, science centers, and concerts * Spoil yourselves with a spa day, shopping, or nice restaurant * Camp out at your homestead with a tent, scary ghost stories, campfire songs, and s’mores CELEBRATE THE SEASON * Play in the water – oceans, lakes, pools, even the sprinkler. Good old water play is always fun! Remember to be safe while splashing. * Cook light and healthy. From easy salads and dips to grilling and fresh fruits, the summer months are the perfect time to keep it simple and fresh. * Soak up some sun in your backyard, at the pool or beach, gardening, or washing the car. Grab your sunscreen and bask in the rays. * Do nothing. Summer is a great time for activities but sometimes taking a break to sit and soak it all in is just what we need. As you plan for summer, remember Omaha Federal Credit Union can help with vacation loans, credit card incentives, or a vacation club account for next year’s summertime prep.

Why You Should Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

As data breaches and identity theft become increasingly common, it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on your credit. By law, every 12 months you’re entitled to a free credit report compiled by the three credit reporting agencies. The three agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – have set up a central website, a toll-free telephone number, and a mailing address through which you can order your report. For your free report, do not contact the credit reporting companies individually. To order, visit or call 1-877-322-8228. Or, complete the Annual Credit Report Request Form available at and mail it to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. You may order your reports from each of agencies at the same time, but by ordering your report from each of them one at a time, you can space out your requests over the 12-month period. This way, you will get more up-to-date information. is the only website through which you can access your mandated free report. Be wary of other sites that appear to offer a “free” report. It’s likely they are a scam, or trick you into paying a monthly fee once a trial period expires.

Share the Benefits of Credit Union Membership

Friends don’t let friends, nor their family members, pay too much for financial services. That’s why you’ll want to share with them the benefits of belonging to the credit union. Here’s where they will not only find competitive rates on savings and loans, but a variety of products and services to help them manage their personal finances. While for-profit financial institutions have their shareholders to answer to, the credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that exists only to serve its members. So please pass the word about the credit union difference. Your friends and family will thank you for helping them discover that difference and how it can help them achieve their financial goals. For more information about sharing the benefits of membership, visit our website or contact the credit union.

Project Santa

Project Santa is off to a great start!  We are accepting donations now through December 21st for children at the Open Door Mission.  The needs this year are greater for the older children. Items  such as, board games, sports balls, art sets, makeup kits, etc. would be great.  Please bring your new, unwrapped toy/donation to any Omaha Federal location and help to put a smile on a child’s face Christmas morning.  We will also accept cash donations. Thank you for your support.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

You can help protect yourself by taking these low-tech, common-sense precautions:

  • Never give your Social Security number or other information to strangers who call, text, or send e-mail messages to you, even if they seem legitimate, as with phony “phishing” e-mail that looks like it comes from your bank. And don’t write your Social Security number on checks (except those you send to the IRS), noncredit applications, or other forms.
  • Never leave your wallet or purse unattended. Don’t carry your Social Security card, rarely used credit cards, or written PINs or passwords.
  • Store financial account statements, medical records, and tax filings in a secure place at home, especially if you let workers or others inside, and shred those documents when you no longer need them
  • Don’t post your date of birth, mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name, or other personal information on websites like Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, or Twitter. They’re often used to verify your identity and could allow an imposter electronic access to your accounts.
  • A lot of credit/debit-card issuer offers free online or mobile alerts that will warn you of suspicious account activity as soon as it’s detected, sign up for them. The alerts are different from the expensive credit-monitoring services that banks also sell. (You don’t need those.)